A graduate in Economics and Political Science subjects comprehensively distant from what Gary believes he was born to do, Gary shifted gears to eventually initiate a career closer to his heart and soul: music! With his varied musical influences, Gary commenced a singing career in New York during the 80s, expectedly receiving an amazing response while performing across theatres and nightclubs, accompanied merely by his 12-string guitar. Just as Gary began to gain a reputation as a remarkably talented singer/composer, fate, as always, had another test for him, ensuring that he returns to India.

Gary’s return turned out to be India’s gain as Gary’s varied talent led him to receive opportunities across the performing/recording industry with his incredible voice showcased across innumerable commercials, both on radio and on TV, such as for ‘Bajaj Sunny, which brought Gary yet another accolade by winning The New York Festivals Finalists Award’ and Cadbury’s bringing him the best singer IAFA award, supported by an extremely successful Anti-Smoking ad campaign song that has garnered Gary thousands of views on YouTube. Gary is also a recipient of the Jack Daniel’s ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award held at Mumbai’s Hard Rock Cafe.

On the performance side, Gary appeared at multiple concerts. Since then, Gary has continued his virtual non-stop performance schedule, both pan-India and internationally, with the Government of India nominating him to perform at the Festival of Russia. On the recording side of things, a Gary composition sung as a duet with wife Anita appeared on a compilation album, Country Superstars [Volume 2], alongside songs by the likes of Kenny Rogers, Gordon Lightfoot, and Don Williams, among others.

Gary’s debut album, This Cannot Wait, eventually reflected his versatility and varied musical influences. Gary continued to support his immense liking for jazz too, recording High Standards [Vol.1] thereafter, which consisted of jazz standards recorded with Indian Jazz legend keyboardist Louis Banks. Nevertheless, it was Gary’s third album though, called The Other Side Of Dawn, which eventually sealed Gary as one of the great vocalists and songwriters; much thanks to its production in New York City, courtesy Chris Bertolotti, supported by some of America’s finest session musicians. Music videos of songs from the album, such as Nights On Fire, and Riding, catapulted Gary to expected international acclaim. Hence, Gary went on to record his next album with the same team, again in New York City, titled Arrow In The Dust, featuring music videos created for Maybe, which was shot and picturised in New York City, and for Highway To Heaven, a motorcycle song; motorcycles, after all, being another one of Gary’s passions. Not willing to rest on the laurels earned, Gary went onto record another album, Unbelong, produced by one of India’s finest guitarists, Mahesh Tinaiker, and supported by a music video for a song called She’s All Mine. In 2007, record label EMI India released a much-awaited compilation album entitled The Best of Gary Lawyer: Nights On Fire, also featuring unreleased songs, one of them being on a topic close to Gary's heart, Save The Tiger, which is picturised by National Geographic channel. Gary continued his fascinating musical journey by launching a new album in early 2017, Heaven’s Child, which contained 11 tracks, composed/performed/arranged/recorded by Gary, with all the instruments played by him too and mastered in the U.S., with the title-track being made into one of the most poignant music videos ever viewed on YouTube. Gary's songs have also been featured on compilations with the likes of Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Foreigner etc. and on the ballads front with the likes of Norah Jones, Joe Cocker, UB40 etc. Indeed, almost all of Gary’s albums are now available on iTunes for download, and his videos can be viewed on YouTube.

Gary maintains his head on his shoulder can be seen and, of course, heard as, even after opening for international artists such as Bryan Adams and Def Leppard to name a few, finds Gary’s feet remaining firmly grounded. With all the fame and adulation not even remotely having gone to his head, has earned Gary a reputation in the media and entertainment industry as one of its most humble artists, thanks to his upbringing of honesty, transparency, morals and, most importantly, Gary’s immense confidence in his talent. Also, the fact that Gary chooses to run his own business affairs and, by his not having a professional team in terms of a manager, booking agent, publicist, and think, speaks volumes about the kind of person that Gary really is; an individual who lives in a simple manner, and is in complete control of his life.

Presently, Gary is in the process of recording a number of Jazz Standards at his home studio, which Gary plans to offer for free on the net as his way of not only encouraging the musical genre but, more importantly, expressing his thanks to existing fans and those who will be on supporting him through his [ongoing] wonder years. Gary Lawyer remains a family person and is based, quite like him, on the quiet side [of Mumbai], and does what he continues to do best with his voice: entertains, spreads awareness, and conveys both joy and happiness.